We have been very busy working on Radius this year! So much so, that we wanted to take a step back and briefly review our goals for this year and then share with you our plans going forward.

Our focus this year concentrates on the following three areas:

  • Improving ease of use & Mathnasium-specific workflow
  • Enhancing customer lifecycle management
  • Expanding employee use

By keeping our focus on these three areas, we aim to maintain a balance between making continual enhancements and implementing new features. We receive valuable feedback to improve the system from many of you directly, from your FBCs, and from the MFAC. We will continue to prioritize both smaller enhancements and bigger new features to make Radius better. The latter often requires prolonged development and testing; thus, you will see new features released monthly, and major projects released every 3 – 6 months.

Recently, the team has been focusing on:

  • Performance: Our team is working daily to improve stability and performance in Radius. We recognize that the system has had some challenges in the past. Our goal is to keep you informed with any changes to the system and to address your concerns about performance as soon as possible.
  • Enhanced Reporting: We heard you, and we are making changes. Soon, you will see more summary metrics at the top of report pages, more filters for drilling down, and new reports for leads, parent communication, and assessment progress. Look for these features and reports in upcoming releases once they are fully tested.
  • Digital Enrollment and Integrated Billing: This is a multi-step project. The first step of the process is a digital “paperless” enrollment process, and we’ve already built the pilot version. We have been busy testing this functionality and have re-created the paper process online. The process already includes consent forms, customizable membership type names, the ability to update payment method, and a PDF document of the entire enrollment agreement; however, we do have more features to come. After digital enrollments are fully developed, we will continue with the second phase of the project – integrating QuickBooks and automating payment processing.

Testing of the “Digital Enrollment Experience” started in May 2018 and will continue through the summer months. For this test, we have active weekly participation from a group of 20 Franchise Owners (including Single-Center and Multi-Center Owners) and all Company-Owned Centers.

Feedback from our test group participants has been positive so far:

“Overall, we think that Digital Enrollments is a huge step in the right direction and will be helpful in streamlining enrollments in the future.” – Anton and Nina Makalintal

“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far from my team around the digital enrollments experience thus far. Overall, they are very excited about where this is headed and see it as a significant improvement to our enrollment process.” – Marc Goldberg (MCO)

We are working on many other improvements, such as advancing grade levels and search functionality. We will discuss those projects in upcoming communications. We hope you are making use of the RADIUS UPDATES on Matters so far this year and are excited about new developments.

Please join us at the Convention to participate in our Digital Enrollment Training breakout session!