Heads up, folks! The Convention is fast approaching, and Larry is more than halfway through his journey to Washington D.C. If you’ve been following along in Radius, then you know he’s been traveling along historic Route 66, enjoying the sights, and making new friends.

Because no road trip is complete without at least one stop for fast food, Larry and his trusty beetle, Digit, have made their way to Collinsville, IL, to visit the world’s largest catsup bottle. You won’t believe it until you see it! Cruise on over to Radius to find Larry’s most recent postcard.

It’s when we’re about halfway through a journey that we begin looking back to assess what’s gone well, where we hit little bumps along the way, and what we’ve learned to make the rest of our trip more successful. Before the journey is over, we already begin to pick out the highlights. We want to know what have been the highlights of your journey with Mathnasium thus far.

Larry’s postcard on Radius includes an invitation for you to share something you appreciate about your time as a member of the Mathnasium family, and we hope you’ll submit your story. The first 100 submissions will receive a surprise reward at the Convention!

Reminder: There’s a fun math activity from the Education Department included with each postcard on Radius. Be sure to download the activity to share with your students.