We are pleased to announce that Members Today is now an additional preferred direct mail vendor option. Similar to our other direct mail vendor, Kessler, Members Today will have all the latest direct mail creative materials every time that we release a new campaign.

We heard exceptional feedback from many centers that were already using their services. Therefore, we recently piloted them with multiple franchisees and found that they have excellent quality and great customer service.

Additionally, in our test campaigns with Members Today, they demonstrated a good return on investment via address match back. The match back approach compares the addresses of enrollments following the direct mail campaign with that of the addresses to which the direct mail pieces were sent. That way, we can see how many leads who received the direct mail pieces were actually converted, rather than solely rely on verbal confirmation from the lead. Please note that the match back approach is available through both Kessler and Members Today.

You can contact them directly to set up a campaign, per the information below:

Don Owens
Email: don@memberstoday.com
Website: http://www.memberstoday.com/math/
Direct: 678-214-2400
Fax: 770-216-1892

Members Today will also be at our Annual Mathnasium Convention, so be sure to stop by their booth and learn more about their services!