We are excited to announce that Kevin Morrison will be transitioning to the Operations Team to fill a new role as Education Support Specialist (ESS). The key responsibility of the ESS position will be to facilitate franchisee success by ensuring compliance to the Mathnasium Method and our educational systems. As part of Kevin’s responsibility, he’ll be working closely with Training and Education Departments in order to develop and define the role, as well as to create tools and resources, develop training, and provide input and process improvement.

Over the last year, Kevin has been building the new Mathnasium@home program and brings great center and systems experience to help improve franchisees’ educational programs. Kevin is expected to start his new position this fall.

For this reason, the Mathnasium Home Office will be hiring a new Product Manager to lead Mathnasium@home. Details of this position can be found on the Mathnasium Careers page under Corporate Opportunities, or CLICK HERE to view the job posting. If you have someone who would be interested in this position in Los Angeles, please have them submit a resume and cover letter to recruiting@mathnasium.com.

Franchisees who have employees apply for this position will be notified by Mathnasium Home Office before any in-person interviews are arranged. Franchisees are typically compensated if their employee is hired.

If you have any specific questions about this position, please reach out to recruiting@mathnasium.com.