Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released this morning.


  • Teachers, Schools, and Community Contacts: There are new grids, features, and fields for Teachers, Schools, and Community Contacts modules:
    • Teachers: You will find a list of students who have this teacher, a “Send Email” feature (under Activities), and the respective School is hyperlinked.
    • Schools: You will find a list of students who attend this school, a Resources section, a “Send Email” feature (under Activities), and a new field for Email.
    • Community Contacts: You will find a Resources section and a “Send Email” feature.
  • LP Manager: Student Name column is now removed from LP Manager; in its place, a “Go To” link with the selected student’s name will now be available at the top of the page (above the Student selector dropdown.)

  • Job Board Manager: Additional positions are now selectable for Job Board Manager – Recruiter, Trainer, Administrator & HR Coordinator, and Marketer.
  • Leads Tracking Report: The Leads Tracking Report now has a filter for Sub-Sources and a section that shows summary metrics.
  • Student Check-In: Improvements have been made to Student Check-in:
    • Sensitivity adjusted for tablet use
    • The alphabet quick links at the top are now bigger
    • The buttons are now on the left to better avoid your finger when you scroll the screen
    • The pop-up dialog now stays centered and won’t scroll along with the screen
  • Student Attendance: Interface to enter student attendances from the Student Details page has been improved. There is now a single date field rather than the “Time In” and “Time Out” fields having their own date fields.


  • Column Sorting: Column sorting on all grids has been addressed and repaired across the site.
  • Email Template: When editing an email template, the placeholder buttons are highlighted and more clearly separated.
  • View Payments: When viewing payments from an Account Details page, they are now listed with most recent payment on top.
  • Payments Page: MCOs must now pick a center when using the Payments module to prevent slow loading of data.
  • Enrollment Report: Fixed issue where, in the Enrollment Report, some migrated enrollments wouldn’t get listed if you used the Membership Type filter.
  • Enrollment Report: Fixed issue in Enrollment Report where non-recurring students were showing 0 months for Enrollment Contract Length and Enrollment Length of Stay.
  • Account Details Page: The address fields for a Guardian are now relabeled with the word “Mailing” to better clarify that these correspond to the Account Details’ mailing address fields.
  • Assessments: Fixed issue where the Assessments section on Student Details was truncating the score rather than rounding.
  • Assessment Charts: In Assessment Charts, multiple question numbers for the same subtopic are now listed in numerical order.
  • Attendance Charts: Fixed issue where there was a discrepancy for peak number of students between the Attendance Summary Chart and the Attendance Ratio Chart.
  • Leads Tracking Report: Fixed issue where Leads Tracking Report was missing a few statuses in the Lead Status filter.
  • LP Manager: Fixed the way various buttons were being displayed after being clicked on in LP Manager.
  • Mathnasium University: Fixed issue where the Country would always be set to United States when new Mathnasium University accounts were created; it now gets set to the country of the center the employee belongs to.
  • Referral Accounts: Fixed various functional issues related to the Referral Account dialog box, including the yielding of old account names for accounts that had changed their names.
  • Tutorial Videos: Fixed issue in Chrome where tutorial videos couldn’t be fast-forwarded or rewound.
  • Export to Excel: Several Excel exports were fixed for missing data and/or nonintuitive file naming.
  • Employees: When removing a center from a manager, the prompt to reassign employees to a new manager will now correctly show employees from the center the manager is leaving.
  • Events: Events no longer show a value for Priority in the Activities grids.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release.

During system releases, our team works hard to minimize any interruptions to Radius usage or features. If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (