Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released this morning.


  • Student Check-In: Student Check-in will now always show number of sessions remaining if the student is enrolled in a sessions-based program.
  • School Contacts: There are now Resources and Activities sub-grids for School Contacts; converting a School Contact to a Community Contact and vice-versa now preserves the resources and activities.


  • Student Roster: Fixed issue in Student Roster where warning symbol would appear indicating that time in and time out dates didn’t match, even though they matched.
  • Re-Order LP Item: Fixed issue where double-clicking an LP item in the LP Manager Re-Order screen and then moving the item would not actually save it in the new position.
  • LP Manager & Print Mode:
    • The Student dropdown list now updates in LP Manager and Print Mode when the Global Center is changed.
    • Removed the “Go to” link for a student’s name in LP Manager when returning from Print Mode.
    • Updated wording for error when you clicked “Print Selected” and have nothing selected in LP Manager’s Print Mode.
    • Inactive students’ LP items should no longer be able to show up in Print Mode.
    • Fixed issue where selecting all and then sorting a column would cause everything to become unchecked in LP Manager’s Print Mode.
    • Fixed issue where re-ordering all the items on all the learning plans in LP Manager for a student would start the Local Sort Order at 2.
    • Removed the tailing date from the field where a user can edit the name of a learning plan in LP Manager.
    • Removed the column that contained the buttons for Re-Add and Related in LP Manager’s Print Mode.
  • Timesheets: Timesheets now consistently sort in descending date order.
  • Progress Report Preview: Progress Report Preview will now always use the name of the Primary Guardian in the preview.
  • Global Center Setting: Selecting a center from the Global Center Setting dropdown will no longer auto-refresh the search grid on any of the search pages.
  • Calendar:
    • Calendar is now more strongly tied to the Global Center Setting; it will refresh if the center is changed, and when creating an activity, it will only show records from the selected center.
    • Fixed issues with spacing and the placement of the “x” on Calendar items that were displayed on “Month” view in Calendar.
  • Progress Report Manager:
    • Fixed issue where, in the Current Batch Details of Progress Report Manager, a comment consisting only of whitespace would not allow a user to access the comment.
    • Fixed issue in Progress Report Manager where clicking on the “Batch Send Date” column header of Batch Send History would yield an error.
  • Search Function: Fixed issue where search retention was broken for Student Management, Account Management, Schools, and Teachers.
  • Global Search: Fixed issue where the Global Search couldn’t sort on Full Name.
  • Student Management & Teachers: Fixed issue in Student Management grid where only the first names of teachers were being displayed.
  • School Report: Fixed issue in School Report where, if a student didn’t have a teacher, the Teacher column would show “null” instead of just being blank.
  • Assessment Progress Report: Fixed issue in Assessment Progress Report where sorting by Assessment Level would sort 10 above 2.
  • Enrollment Report: Fixed issue in Enrollment Report where the Excel export was missing the fields for Enrollment Length of Stay and Student Length of Stay.
  • Payments: Fixed issue in Payments where “Edit” and “Delete” buttons could appear for payments that were not yet paid.
  • Activities: Fixed issue in Activities where, for completed activities, the information for which user completed it and on what date were missing from the grid.
  • Overall Display Settings: Fixed issue in multiple grids where the number of items per page option begins at 100, yet the first search only showed 10 per page.
  • Schools: Fixed issue where, when converting a community contact to a school contact, the search button on the Schools pop-up didn’t work.
  • School Year: When clicking on “Edit” on a Student Details page for a student who had migrated data and a missing school year, the School Year dropdown now defaults to the current school year.
  • Assessment Results: Fixed issue in Student Details where if you enter/edit Results for a student’s assessment and you leave the Date Taken field blank (or enter something that isn’t in date format), you would get led to the Page Missing screen.
  • Employees: Fixed issue where removing a center from a franchise owner’s employee record would include inactive employees in the list of employees that need their manager reassigned.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release.

During system releases, our team works hard to minimize any interruptions to Radius usage or features. If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (