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August 2018 Operations Manual Release: New Parent Relationships MU Course – “Care Call”

We are pleased to release the updated Operations Manual for August 2018!

This release introduces a new Mathnasium University course called the “Care Call.”

New “Care Call” Training Course now available!

The “Build Parent Relationships: Mathnasium Care Call” course details what Care Calls are and how to schedule and conduct them. This course also features comprehensive examples on how to frame the initial care call, an urgent care call, and a regular monthly check-up care call.

This course is a valuable resource for both new Franchisees who are just opening a center, as well as, more experienced Center Directors. You can also use this course to train staff who are transitioning to the ACD or CD role.

You can access the course in Mathnasium University by searching for “Care Call” under the global search, or by CLICKING HERE [1].

For any questions regarding training course access, please contact support@mathnasium.com [2].

You can also reference the “Build a Parent Relationship: Express Interest and Care” microsystem in the Operations Manual [3] for further details.