As a follow up to our earlier Google My Business post, we have had additional and direct communication with Google as it relates to our business naming convention. As you may recall, Google began to roll-out updates to our Google My Business page company names, removing the location from the name (i.e. the “Mathnasium of Westwood” becoming simply “Mathnasium”). Our team has been working to understand the exact cause and rectification.

After in-depth conversations with Google, they have confirmed that the cause of this roll-out is their enforcement of the Terms of Services (TOS) and overall guidelines that govern Google My Business Pages. Our naming convention is currently not in compliance, and this needs swift rectification. To this end, we have begun the migration process to convert all Google My Business names to simply “Mathnasium”.  We should see these changes unfolding soon.

We will continue to keep you apprised of any updates or changes as they unfold. By being proactive in this migration, we will be in compliance with Google expeditiously and avoid any potential penalization.