Dear Franchisees,

Maintaining an updated microsite is an important part of your marketing efforts. It is often the first way that prospects see and interact with your brand and is where many of your leads are captured. For these reasons, it is imperative that you always keep your microsite up to date.

To assist with updating efforts, we will be retiring microsite banners from past or outdated campaigns in the next week and will make the following changes:

  • Any out-of-season banners (for instance, from the spring or winter) currently in use will be replaced with the Back-to-School campaign microsite banner.
  • Old Back-to-School banners or summer banners from previous campaigns will be replaced with our new Back-to-School Transformations campaign banner in the next week.
  • Any microsites using the Year-Round Transformations campaign banner will remain the same.
  • New center banners (for instance, the Coming Soon banner) from old campaigns will be replaced with those of the same message from the Transformations campaign.

You can continue to change your banner to one from the list of approved brand banners when you log in to your microsite.

Thank you for helping to keep your microsite up to date!