The Education Department here at Home Office is excited to release the following to the system:

Integrated I Assessment

To meet the needs of students on an Integrated Math track, this assessment was created by combining key critical skills from our Algebra I and Geometry programs. In addition, to further address the various critical skills necessary for student success in Integrated Math, eight new Prescriptives were created on both Data and Statistics and sequences. Please be advised that this assessment is only intended for students on an Integrated Math track. In areas with a more traditional track, the recommendation of Algebra I A/B and Geometry (or Geometry w/ Proofs) remains the same.

After extensive internal review and consultation with franchisees/Center Directors in the field, we have decided to put a “soft split” in this assessment (similar to Algebra Readiness) after p. 12 to allow for flexibility in administration and the ability to shorten the initial assessment experience, if needed.

Students preparing for Integrated I should still take Algebra Readiness. However, given the number of Geometry and Data/Statistics skills they are preparing for, we decided to formally release an Algebra Readiness Extension (described below). We strongly suggest a student preparing for Integrated I also take this Extension to ensure they have the key prerequisite skills for Integrated I.

An Integrated II assessment will be developed once key critical skills Prescriptives from HMM have been released to the system.

Algebra Readiness Extension Assessment

The Algebra Readiness Extension Assessment was created from critical skills found on Geometry Readiness and also includes a new Prescriptive on basic scatter plots. This Extension is appropriate for students on both a traditional track, as well as an Integrated track. As with any Extension assessment, it should not be a part of a student’s initial assessment experience and should only be administered to students once they have completed a significant portion of their initial Learning Plan.

Geometry WOB

Following our May 16th release of Geometry/Geometry with Proofs, we have created a new Geometry WOB to support the curriculum. This WOB allows a student to further explore the definitions, identities, and theorems presented to them in the Geometry curriculum.  It includes three chapters of new Geometry WOB material, as well as a chapter of glossary terms that can be used in conjunction with the curriculum and/or this WOB.

WOB 6b remains a strong recommendation for students taking coursework with a heavy dependency on proofs. WOB 6a and 6c will remain in the system for the time being. We will communicate any changes in their availability once we have completed our formal evaluation of those materials and how they fit with our recent releases.

Summer Algebra Readiness/Geometry Readiness

We hope that you were able to use these summer assessments with great success. As was mentioned with their release documentation, these assessments will be made inactive in Radius on Monday, October 1. All students must be post-assessed by that date.

Both the Integrated I assessment/curriculum and the Geometry WOB will be made available in UAE on Friday, September 28.

Stay tuned to Matters for upcoming information on an initial HMM release, updates to Instructor training/Instructor binder, and other initiatives we are working hard on bringing to the system.