Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released this morning.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release.


  • Calendar (MCO): Ability for multi-center users to view events from all centers simultaneously has been returned to the Calendar.
  • Student Check-In:
    • Student Check-in module should now work better with tablets that do not have dedicated graphical processors.
    • Student Check-in pop-up now has improved easier-to-understand formatting.
  • Student Management: Student Management now allows users to save their preferred filter settings.
  • Progress Report Manager: The Current Batch Details page of Progress Report Manager has three new columns: Total LP Skills Mastered, Total LP Skills, and % Skills Mastered.


  • Monthly Sessions: Fixed issue where monthly sessions were not being reset.
  • LP Manager:
    • Fixed issue in LP Manager where the link for the selected student’s name could not be opened in its own tab.
    • Fixed issue in LP Manager where the default sort order for a new LP wasn’t shown in the same order when going to Re-Order screen.
  • Timesheets: Fixed issue where the Excel export of Timesheets wasn’t sorting by employee last name.
  • Global Search: Fixed issue where the Search button in Global Search would grey out unpredictably.
  • Activities: The “My Activities” page now asks the user to select a center before running a search when Center Activities is checked; time outs may have been occurring otherwise.
  • Employees: Fixed issue where adding the employment end date on an employee’s record no longer automatically deactivated its associated user account.
  • Assessment Progress Report: Fixed calculations for the summary metrics in the Assessment Progress Report.

During system releases, our team works hard to minimize any interruptions to Radius usage or features. If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (