Dear Franchisees,

We want to remind you that the Home Office covers a half hour of design work with Robin Lutes of The Pixel Factory each month for each center for basic design work (see Creative Guidelines below).

This monthly allocation is great if you simply need to resize an ad to meet the specifications of a local publication or if you need one of our high-resolution poster files edited with your center phone number.

Additionally, Robin can handle other unique creative requests your center may have; however, please remember that any custom marketing materials must be approved by the Home Office, as noted in this Matters post.

Here is Robin’s information:

The Pixel Factory

Robin Lutes

Phone: (612) 387-4980


Please refer to the following documents located on the Matrix when partnering with Robin:

Any work that Robin does in addition to that half hour per center per month will be billed by her at a $35/hour rate. As when working with any vendors that charge by the hour, please make sure that you fully consider the details of your request and completely fill out her project checklist before reaching out in order to minimize the back-and-forth dialogue and changes.

Thank you,

The Marketing Department