Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released today.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release.


  • Student Check-In:
    • Student Check-in now disables the browser’s “Back” button to prevent the instances of users touching it, either intentionally or accidentally, and causing the module to log out.
    • Fixed issue in Student Check-in where clicking the “Clear” button brought back the incorrect status of students who had very recently checked in or out.
  • Progress Report Manager: Fixed issue where the very rare case of a student having an active learning plan with no assignments in it caused the Current Batch Details page of Progress Report Manager not to load.

New Feature Details:

The Student Attendance Report has gotten an upgrade!

To find the report, navigate to the “Reports” menu and select “Student Attendance”.

This report now has two views:

  • Detail View: This view is what the original report was before. This shows student attendance records in a selected time frame.
  • Summary View: This view is an added feature. This gives data on the rate of student attendance per month across each student’s enrollment.


Using the screenshot above of the “Summary View”, we will explain what information each labelled section provides.

(1) “Summary View” Tab: This additional view can be accessed by opening the Student Attendance Report and selecting “Summary View”.

(2) Start/End Filter: The default time frame is set for 3 months prior to the current date. Using these date filters will allow you to produce a list of active enrollments during the indicated time frame.

(3) Number of Visits Filter: If you would like to quickly identify students who have come to the center less than or greater than a specific number of days, you can enter those parameters in this section. The default is less than 4 days or greater than 12 days. Your search results will provide a list of all students enrolled during that time frame and highlight the students who meet the less than/greater than attendance criteria. If you would like to view only the highlighted rows, you can check the “Show Highlighted Row Only” box.

(4) Summary of Center Attendance Averages: This section provides a summary of both the average amount of attended sessions for a center and the average number of attended hours by all students at that center during the time frame indicated.

If you have any questions about this feature or any of our fixes, please email Mathnasium Support (