As previously announced last week on Matters, the Home Office will be deploying new NAP standardization and practices that will move us into best-in-class Google compliance, as well as providing us with a competitive advantage to drive more traffic and leads via local search.

We wanted to notify you that the following changes to microsites have been rolled out today, October 23:


CHANGE #1 (Name): Please anticipate that the business name in the top right corner will not display by default. The “Mathnasium” business name will only display if an individual hovers over the respective area with the cursor (desktop) or finger (mobile).

NOTE: The NAP header of the microsite is where we must be in compliance in NAP standardization. Therefore, we will not change the “Welcome to Mathnasium of LOCATION” title on the “About” page.

CHANGE #2 (Address): The address field needs to be consistent with your center’s address across all sites. Therefore, we will need to eliminate any directional content (i.e. “Next to the Trader Joe’s”). This address will reflect what is listed as your address in Google My Business.

CHANGE #3 (Phone Number): The phone number on your microsite also needs to match perfectly with the number listed for your center on online directories and needs to have consistent formatting. Therefore, the phone number needs to have the standardized format of (xxx) xxx-xxxx and no appendages, such as “MATH”. Extensions are acceptable when necessary to the functionality of incoming calls.

CHANGE #4 (Limitations to Updating Phone Number): To maintain compliance with Google’s guidelines, we will be limiting microsite users’ ability to update the phone number on their center’s microsite. If you need the phone number updated on your center’s microsite, please contact Mathnasium Support (

Please review your microsite and verify that your address and phone number are correct. If you feel as though your address and/or phone number need to be updated, please contact Mathnasium Support (

As a reminder, we will be rolling out changes to Google My Business and online directories later this week. Also, please keep in mind that you will need to update your Yelp page starting next week!