As announced on Matters on October 5, it is election season for the following MFAC positions:

  • Single-Center Owner (West Region)
  • Multi-Center Owner (West Region)
  • Single-Center Owner or Multi-Center Owner (International)

The deadline for submitting the Nominee Profile Questionnaires has been pushed to Friday, October 26. Please complete and submit the Nominee Profile Questionnaires to

As a result of this deadline extension, we have updated our Key Dates schedule as well:

  • October 26 Nominee Profile Questionnaires due (email
  • October 30 – NPQs posted on Mathnasium Matters.
  • October 30 – Voting opens; links will be sent to all franchisees in the West and International Regions.
  • November 2 – Voting ends.
  • November 6 – New MFAC members announced.

Please refer to the post on October 5 to review the qualifications and criteria for these positions! If you have any further questions, feel free to email Mathnasium Support (