Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released today.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release.


  • Date Pickers: Date pickers across the site have been updated, so that date entry is in a consistent format (m/d/yyyy). Users can use the arrow keys to easily navigate across the date field.
  • Student Check-In: Users will no longer be able to have Student Check-in open in one tab and use other parts of Radius on another.
  • Employees: Under Employees, the options for the Title drop-down menu have been re-ordered to reflect the level of responsibility.
  • Lead Students: Lead students now cannot be assigned more than seven Learning Plan items.
  • Student Details Page: In the Enrollments section of the Student Details Page, the information related to inactive enrollments can now be viewed with a new “View” button.
  • Login Page: Radius Login Page now features a new image that better reflects current center configurations.


  • Checkup Origination: Fixed issue where the Learning Plan of a Lead Student would display incorrect Checkup Origination information.
  • Teachers: Removed an obsolete field titled “Owned By” from the Teachers Details page.
  • Activities: Fixed issue where a user viewing the entirety of a comment of an Activity on any Details Page had its right margin cut off.

If you have any questions about this feature or any of our fixes, please email Mathnasium Support (