Thank you to all owners in the West Region for voting in the 2018 MFAC elections!

The votes have been tallied, and the results are in… please welcome our new MFAC members!


Barry Weiss (Sherman Oaks, CA)


Karen Lossing (CA and AZ)


Dr. Sylvia McLellan (Langley BC, Canada)

Congratulations Barry Weiss, Karen Lossing, and Dr. Sylvia McLellan!

In addition to these MFAC members who have been voted by their peers, Home Office has appointed Beatrice Chan to serve as another Single-Center Owner representative. Home Office will appoint a Multi-Center Owner in next year’s voting cycle.

SINGLE-CENTER OWNER (Appointed by Home Office)

Beatrice Chan (Redwood City, CA)

** New members will gather in Los Angeles with the rest of the MFAC for their first meeting with Home Office representatives on Dec. 5, 6, and 7. **

The 2019 MFAC now consists of the following owners:

  • Single-Center Owners: Barry Fausnaugh (Northeast), Dan Gehlbach (Northeast), Barry Weiss (West), and Beatrice Chan (West)
  • Multi-Center Owners: Chris Lee (Southeast), Marc Goldberg (Northeast), Karen Lossing (West), and Mo Khalil (Southeast)
  • International: Dr. Sylvia McLellan

Please read the Committee Bylaws for a description of MFAC member responsibilities and to learn more about overall committee objectives!