We are excited to announce that, starting today November 26, the new Progress Report is now live and available for emailing to parents!

As previously announced on Mathnasium Matters, the new Progress Report has been available to preview in Radius for all centers during this past month. Now that you all have had a chance to become familiar with the new look of the report, you can send them out with any batch that you have queued up for processing starting this evening and also prep for December Progress Reporting.

To prepare for December Progress Reporting using the new format, you should:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the format of the new Progress Report: You can review the new format of the Progress Report by going to the “Guardians” menu, selecting “Progress Report Manager”, and then clicking “PR Preview” on the Current Batch Details screen. You can also review the format by going to any Student Details page and clicking on the “Preview Progress Report” button.
  2. Complete your regular binder review and updating process: Please complete all the necessary steps you normally take to review binders and update learning plans as well as make sure to include any custom Progress Report comments for students.
  3. Review your Editable Introduction message for your Progress Report: Once you are in the Progress Report Manager, please refer to your Custom Settings and review your Email Format in order to customize any language as needed to make parents aware of the new report format and what to expect. For example, you can include a simple note to parents helping them understand the new layout of the Progress Report that incorporates more comprehensive Learning Plan progress information and summarizes total Learning Plan skills mastered, what their child is currently studying, and how it will impact their overall progress in our program. Use the Progress Report to promote further discussion with parents regarding students’ attendance, topics in progress, and skills mastered.

Operations Manual resources including the “Report Learning Plan Progress” microsystem along with the Mathnasium University training course will be updated accordingly to reflect the new Progress Report format changes.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your FBC or the Support Team at support@mathnasium.com.

Thank you, and Happy Progress Reporting!