We are pleased to release the updated Operations Manual for November 2018!

This release focuses on new and revised content including Radius systems requirements, the new Progress Report design, and helpful MU courses!

A Great Center Location:

New Content:

  • Radius Systems Requirements resource

Revised Content:

  • Set Up the Center: Provide Tools and Supplies
  • Set Up the Center: Set Up and Manage Security Cameras

These microsystems have been updated to reflect the technical requirements outlined in the Radius Systems Requirements document.

Radius System Requirements:

Radius System Requirements lists all the necessary specifications that franchisees’ computers and tablets must have in order to use Radius efficiently. This includes updated internet speeds. You can reference the new Radius Technical Requirements resource by CLICKING HERE.

Lead Generation:

New Content:

  • Social Media MU Course

Revised Content:

  • Develop an Internet Presence: Engage in Social Media Marketing

This microsystem has been updated to reflect the new MU course.

Social Media MU Course:

Whether you’re new to social media or need a refresher, you’ll gain a lot from watching the new online introductory training course: “Lead Generation: Engage in Social Media.”

This course is now available in MU to request or assign. You can find this course by searching for “Lead Generation: Engage in Social Media” under the global search, or by CLICKING HERE. The new Social Media MU course is designed to help you learn about the essential components needed to develop your internet presence across multiple social media channels, develop engaging content, and how to use the tools that help you manage content.

The course covers:

  • Which social media channels to engage in
  • The difference between local and national content
  • Strategies for organic posts versus paid social advertising
  • How to measure results

A Real Parent Relationship:

Revised Content:

  • Report Learning Plan Progress microsystem has been updated to reference new progress report design.
  • Progress Reporting MU course updated to reflect new Progress Report Design.

New Progress Report Design:

As previously announced on Mathnasium Matters, the new Progress Report template has been available for live email sending starting earlier this week.

To prepare for December Progress reporting using the new format, you should:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the format of the new Progress Report: You can review the new format of the Progress Report by going to the “Guardians” menu, selecting “Progress Report Manager”, and then clicking “PR Preview” on the Current Batch Details screen. You can also review the format by going to any Student Details page and clicking on the “Preview Progress Report” button.
  2. Complete your regular binder review and updating process: Please complete all the necessary steps you normally take to review binders and update learning plans as well as make sure to include any custom Progress Report comments for students.
  3. Review your Editable Introduction message for your Progress Report: Once you are in the Progress Report Manager, please refer to your Custom Settings and review your Email Format in order to customize any language as needed to make parents aware of the new report format and what to expect. For example, you can include a simple note to parents helping them understand the new layout of the Progress Report that incorporates more comprehensive Learning Plan progress information and summarizes total Learning Plan skills mastered, what their child is currently studying, and how it will impact their overall progress in our program. Use the Progress Report to promote further discussion with parents regarding students’ attendance, topics in progress, and skills mastered.

For further details, you can reference the “Report Learning Plan Progress” microsystem in the Operations Manual and the “Progress Reporting” training on Mathnasium University.

For any questions regarding these new and updated resources, please contact Mathnasium Support at support@mathnasium.com. Please reference the Operations Manual for further details.