In the newly designed Progress Report, there are three sections at the top of the report that help parents understand their child’s progress at Mathnasium: ‘Total Learning Plan Progress Based on…’, ‘Completed in the Last Month’, and ‘In Progress.’ In the initial release of the report, the total number of ‘Skills Mastered’ in the top section of the Progress Report included supplemental topics (i.e. WOBs). After further review, our team has decided to adjust this section to provide the total number of skills mastered based on topics generated from active learning plans only.

Our team implemented this update in Radius today, December 14 to correct the initially implemented design. Now, the number of ‘Skills Mastered’ includes only those topics that are in the active Learning Plan(s) as a result of the student’s assessment(s). Thus, only assigned items that are not supplemental topics, are marked as ‘Completed’, and have a check in the ‘Mastered’ column on the Learning Plan are being considered in this section.

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