The Marketing Department is pleased to announce that the February 2019 Marketing Update is now available on The Marketing Matrix!

This month, we’ve got tips to help you:

  • Set up your Hootsuite account to have general-interest and national holiday posts automatically published to your Facebook page (currently available for US centers only)
  • Improve your center’s social media presence with engaging local content
  • Update your social channels with February Valentine’s Day assets
  • Use the right keywords in blog posts and with PPC vendors by using the SEO Keywords list
  • Keep your customers informed of schedule changes or center events with the new Valentine’s Day email header
  • Begin planning your summer marketing budget and strategies

Also Available on The Marketing Matrix!

The February printable in-center activity is now available on the Matrix. Download and print the Valentine’s-themed activity provided by the Education Department for your students. The activity will be available on the Number Sense blog on Feb.