Dear Franchisees,

In an effort to protect your data and our customers’ privacy, as well as to rectify many search engine optimization concerns related to mixed content and improper URL paths, we are now working diligently to ensure that any lead information deemed sensitive (including contact information) is managed and transmitted through our servers. The main way that leads are currently captured and added directly into Radius is through the web-lead form in the top-right corner of your microsite. We have also integrated lead capture with our preferred vendors who have taken the proper paths of approval to work with our teams for integration within our data systems and microsites.

We are also pleased to inform you that we are developing several new tools to further your lead acquisition efforts and enhance the overall user experience on our microsites. We understand that lead generation techniques, such as self-scheduling, are necessities and plan to fully integrate new tools into our digital ecosystem in 2019.

In the interim, for those who are using schedulers and survey experience from non-preferred vendors, we are taking steps to ensure privacy and data protection for all involved by reviewing all site tool additions. Please contact Support at directly for review and approval of any additional website tools prior to signing up for and requesting implementation.

– The Marketing Department