Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the fixes that are going to be released on Thursday, February 21 during the three-hour window of 6:00am to 9:00am PT.

Please make sure to do the following steps in order after this designated release time:

  1. Log out of Radius.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies (here is a link on how to complete this:
  3. Close all windows in your browser.
  4. Log back in to Radius.

During system releases, users may experience interruptions to Radius; however, please know that our team is dedicated to minimizing any interruptions to Radius usage or features.


  • Excel Exports: Fixed Excel exports for Student Management and Guardian Management where certain fields (e.g., Teacher Consent, Email Opt-out) would yield blank columns.
  • Lead Conversion Report: Fixed issue in Lead Conversion Report where the columns “Lead Conversion Date” and “Lead Created Date” were not sorting properly.
  • Enrollments: Fixed issue where an unhelpful error message would populate when a user would edit a student enrollment and try to save a First Month’s Amount that would be less than the total of the Assessment Fee and Registration Fee.
  • Send Email: Fixed issue in “Send Email” feature where emails could not be sent if there were trailing white spaces after the email address(es) being sent to.
  • Student Check-In: Fixed issue in Student Check-in where students with the same first name were not being further sorted by their last names.
  • Assessment Chart: Fixed issue where an error would show up on an Assessment Results chart if any questions were excluded.
  • Activities & Calendar:
    • Performance: Performance has been improved for My Activities (with Center Activities checked) and for Calendar.
    • Status Filter: Fixed issue in My Activities where the Status filter wasn’t working correctly for Events.
    • My Activities: All Activities from every module that has assigned Activities (including Schools, School Contacts, and Community Contacts) will now show up in My Activities searches. All events from all modules will now also show up in Calendar.
    • Activity IDs: All Activities, no matter where they originate, will be stamped with an ID that ties them to their center, thus allowing them all to show up in lists and reports that rely on this information in order to display them. Where appropriate, Activities will also be stamped with a Completed Date, which again will allow them to show up in lists and reports that rely on it.
  • Student Roster:
    • Attendances: Fixed issue where Student Roster would allow more attendances to be added for students in past months when all the sessions had been used up.
    • Sessions Remaining: Fixed issue in Student Roster where the “Sessions Remaining” column would show a blank instead of a 0 when current month’s sessions were used up.
  • Progress Report: Fixed issue in Progress Report Manager’s Current Batch Details and in Progress Report Preview where items that were Mastered but did not have an Assigned Date were not being counted as Mastered (this scenario most commonly arises from the completion of Progress Check items).
  • Add Student: When adding/editing a student record, selecting the Account the student is attached to should now set the center and automatically drive what schools populate the “School” drop-down list.
  • Reminders: Fixed issue where deleting an activity with a live reminder wouldn’t make the reminder disappear until you refreshed the page.
  • Guardian Management: Fixed issue on Guardian Management where after a search was run, the footer of the grid wouldn’t expand to match the possible new width of the grid.
  • Referral Report:
    • Conversion Date Column: Fixed issue in Referral Report where Conversion Date column wasn’t sorting properly.
    • Conversion Date Time Stamp: Fixed issue in Referral Report where the Conversion Date was showing the un-localized UTC date/time stamp.
  • Group Assessments:
    • Comparison Chart: Fixed issue where users couldn’t save a grouped assessment’s comparison chart as a resource.
    • Error Message: Fixed issue where attempting to group an assessment with results with an assessment without results yielded the wrong, less informative error message.
  • Student Attendance Report: Fixed issue in Student Attendance Report where every student was being shown as having “Membership Typeundefined.”

If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (