Registration for the 15th Annual Mathnasium Convention is NOW open!

Please take a look below to learn how to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount for additional attendees and other important information around the Convention:

General Schedule

The 2019 Mathnasium Convention is from July 14-16, 2019.

Onsite event check-in for all attendees will begin on Sunday, July 14th at 12:00pm ET. There will be an International session early on Sunday, July 14th for our International franchisees, so we advise that these franchisees arrive on July 13th. There will then be a cocktail party later that evening on Sunday for everyone, starting no earlier than 5:00pm ET.

Both Monday and Tuesday are full days, beginning at 8:00am ET each day. Convention should end by 5:00pm ET on Tuesday.

Registration & Event Information

Convention registration will be open from Thursday, March 7th to Thursday, June 6th.

Early Bird registration will be open from Thursday, March 7th to Thursday, April 4th.

For all registration and event information, please CLICK HERE to review our 2019 Convention Registration: Tutorials and Event FAQs.

Location & Hotel Information

This will be our first Convention in Canada! The Convention will be held at The Westin Harbour Castle at 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, Canada.

Hotel reservation information will be provided only to Franchise Owners in the email sent from MU confirming their Convention registration. Center Directors will not receive this information in their confirmation email. The deadline for reserving a special rate at the hotel will be Thursday, June 6th.

Annual Convention Fee & Early Bird Discount (for Additional Attendees)

Each year, we charge each franchisee a Convention fee to help us offset a fraction of the cost of putting on the event.

This year’s Convention fee is $200 USD per franchisee, regardless of attendance status. This means that each franchisee will be required to pay one Convention fee of $200, no matter how many centers they own and whether or not they attend. Any fees on top of this will be based on the registration of additional attendees.

Any additional attendees outside the base $200 USD Convention fee will qualify for our Early Bird Discount of $50 USD off if they register between March 7th and April 4th. Please note that if a center has multiple franchise owners, one of these owners will be charged the base $200 USD Convention fee, and each of the remaining owners will be considered additional attendees.

For all non-US franchisees, please know that your Convention fee and Early Bird discount will be equivalent to $200 USD and $50 USD, respectively.

All Convention fees will be automatically charged in June 2019 from the account on file for royalties. This includes the non-refundable Convention fee of $200 USD plus the registration fees for each additional attendee based on registration date.

Passport & Travel Information

As previously announced on Matters, please make sure that you are prepared for your trip!

Please refer to the Matters post on passports and travel information to help understand what you need to get done before Convention.


If you cannot find the answer to your question in our 2019 Mathnasium Convention FAQs, please reach out to Mathnasium Support (

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!