It is now time to begin preparing your submission packages for our 3rd Annual Mathnasium Instructor of the Year award. Each year, we are so impressed by the amount of submissions we receive, and we are excited to see the turnout this year! As was the case in 2018, the Education Department will be working closely with field support to recognize Regional Winners, and from those winners three finalists will be brought to Convention.

What You Need to Do to Enter:

  • Choose the most deserving Instructor from your organization. As before, we are only allowing one nominee per organization.
  • Create (1) short interview-style bio video (1-2 minutes maximum) in .mp4 or .mov format of the Instructor that answers the following questions:
    • Who are they?
    • What do they like most working at Mathnasium?
    • What have they learned from working at Mathnasium?
  • Create (1) video (4-6 minutes maximum) in .mp4 or .mov format of an interaction between your Instructor and a student that follows the criteria below:
    • Should be based around Mathnasium curriculum
    • Can include off-the-page instruction and use of Desk Tools and manipulatives, games, extensions, etc.
    • Should not be based around a student’s homework problem

Criteria for Submissions:

Instructors will be judged on overall content and quality of interaction with the student. Specific criteria to be judged include student engagement, use of the Mathnasium Method, construct language, use of drawings, Desk Tools, manipulatives, Socratic Questioning, and demonstration of a fun, engaging interaction with a student. Interactions should be concise as if being delivered in a Team Teaching model.

We recognize the time and effort it takes to produce this video content. To ensure a fair contest and encourage as many entries as possible, we will not evaluate any submissions that include the following:

  • Video and/or audio that are not clear
  • Incomplete packages and/or those submitted outside of the provided form
  • Content that has been “overproduced”content should not be heavily edited, nor have special effects, overlays, or music)

We request that the video submissions are simple and clear and highlight quality instructional interactions.

The Instructor of the Year Package:

  • Google Drive folder that contains both the interview and student/Instructor interaction videos
    • Paste the “shareable link” into the Nomination Form below
    • Ensure the folder and its contents have been shared with both your field representative’s Mathnasium email and
  • Nomination Form
  • Individual Release Forms completed for every person in the video; there must be a minimum of two forms (Instructor and student) for each video
  • One Assignment and Acknowledgement Form signed by the franchisee nominating the Instructor
  • Optional: PDFs of the student work shown in the video

Use the following form for submissions:

  • Your field representative will be available in the dropdown menu.
  • For International submissions (outside of Canada): select “Steve Spengler”. Steve will be the initial point of contact for International submissions and will work with the Home Office team to evaluate them. If you are still assigned to a Start-up Specialist, select “Kevin Morrison”.

Selection Process:

The videos will be judged by Home Office staff, and the final contestants will be brought to the 2019 Mathnasium Convention. Please keep in mind that a passport will be needed to attend, and we will communicate to finalists with ample time to secure one, if needed.

At the Convention, their submissions will be highlighted, and the final winner will be selected by the Franchisees attending Convention.  The winner will receive a check for $1,000 and the title of Instructor of the Year 2019, to be presented by the Master himself!

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we will not be able to follow-up with every center regarding status of their Instructor in the contest. Please refer to the key dates below:

  • The last date submission packages will be accepted: Friday May 3rd, 2019
  • Regional Winners will be contacted by Field Support: No later than Friday May 31st, 2019
  • Convention Finalists will be contacted by the Education Department: No later than Friday June 14th, 2019

We look forward to another great year of inspiring submissions for Instructor of the Year! If you have any questions, please reach-out to