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This release focuses on The Right Instruction Binder – Level 1 “New Hire.”

Exceptional People:

New Resources:

  • Right Instruction Binder
  • Right Instruction Binder Facilitators Guide

Revised Microsystem:

  • Conduct Instructor Training: Certify Instructors

The revisions to this microsystem provide specific guidance on how to use the Right Instruction Binder. The Operations Manual has also been updated in various microsystems, identifying The Right Instruction Binder as a core resource, and guiding others back to the Conduct Instructor Training: Certify Instructors for guidance on how to use the resource.

This resource is now available for your review under “Business Documents” in Radius.

The Right Instructor Binder – Level 1 “New Hire”

The Right Instruction Binder was a collaboration between the Education Department and key internal stakeholders at Mathnasium Home Office. These materials were tested in centers, invaluable feedback was given to us, and after a period of revision it is ready to be used to train new hires throughout the system.

Our goal with the development of the Right Instruction Binder is to provide the system a more complete, deeper solution for Instructor onboarding. Not only does it consolidate existing resources, but it also features new development to further guide critical Instructor training conversations. The materials found in the binder support Learning Center Basics, Team Teaching, and the First Look at Curriculum and Instruction training courses. Those online training courses found on MU remain unchanged in terms of content.

Next Steps:

With this release we encourage all leaders of Right Instruction training to evaluate the binder and its contents for scope, sequence, and structure of activities before using it with a new hire as part of their training. Once you are comfortable with this release, you may begin to use it with any instructors you have hired, or any existing instructors that need further training.

*To find a more comprehensive description of the upcoming release and next steps, please click here.

International franchisees:

We have begun working on adapting the material for International training and look forward to bringing it to the system in the near future. Stay tuned to Matters for updates on this International initiative.

Ongoing support:

We have also set up support for you in case of any trouble in using this binder for training, need assistance with the content, or have questions overall. Please contact support@mathnasium.com and we will work together to get you the support and answers you need.