We hope you are excited about this upcoming Convention and getting ready to learn more about the Power of Connection!

First time visiting Canada? Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and the United States here. Learn some important Canadian lingo with Will Arnett here!

Important Deadlines

As a friendly reminder, here are some important deadlines that are coming up for Convention:

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 4 (or 04/04)
  • Instructor of the Year Award Submission Deadline: Friday, May 3
  • Convention Registration Deadline: Thursday, June 6 (or 06/06)

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about Convention, feel free to check out the following resources:

  • Convention Registration & Event Info: CLICK HERE to review our 2019 Convention Registration: Tutorials and Event FAQs
  • Frequently Asked Questions: CLICK HERE to review our 2019 Mathnasium Convention FAQs Guide
  • Official Announcement: CLICK HERE to review our official Convention registration announcement on Matters

As always, if you cannot find the answer to your question in these resources, please reach out to Mathnasium Support (support@mathnasium.com).