Mathnasium University is pleased to announce that the Instructor Level 1 (New Hire) online training path has been updated in MU for U.S. users. This will include the Right Instruction Binder for download as a companion to the online training modules. For a more comprehensive explanation of the binder, please see the previous announcement.

This update will affect:

  • All new U.S. Instructors entered into Radius on or after 4/04/19

This update will not affect:

  • Learners already enrolled in or who have completed the Instructor Level 1 (New Hire) course in MU

Please note that the system will now assign the Instructor Level 1 (New Hire) training four times per day. Therefore, please allow 6-12 hours for the new Instructor to receive their MU welcome email and for their assigned training to appear on their transcript.

Thank you for your attention to this update, as we are confident these changes will result in an enhanced learning experience for new Instructors moving forward. Stay tuned to Mathnasium Matters for information on upcoming International releases of the Right Instruction Binder.

Please email if you have any questions.