As part of achieving greater levels of systemwide performance, we are going to be reinforcing our required standards and setting new compliance objectives. In 2019, we will begin enforcing the use of Radius to track  student attendance and Instructor hours. Additionally, we will begin enforcing the requirement that student assessments are conducted for each enrolled student and properly logged into Radius. Achieving these compliance objectives is a necessary first step to ensuring that your centers are optimally working with Radius, as well as providing exceptional instruction to students.

Student Attendance Entry & Instructor Hours:

Beginning June 1st, attendance records for students and Instructors hours need to be kept up to date in Radius. These two data points are necessary to determine if your center is maintaining the required student-to-instructor ratio. The student-to-instructor ratio is a critical factor in ensuring students are receiving proper attention and care. Keeping these records up to date will also help you properly forecast revenue and anticipate instructor payroll. Please reference the Radius Guide for more information on Student and Employee Check-In procedures.


All enrolled Mathnasium students must be assessed regardless of age or level*. Formally assessing students allows you to identify critical skill gaps in a student’s foundation and build a comprehensive Learning Plan to best support them. The comprehensive replacement of all high school materials through HMM Advanced 1 means that foundational assessments exist at all levels. As of June 1st, all students must be assessed and the results logged into Radius.  Make arrangements to assess all currently enrolled students that have not been formally assessed. All future enrollments must begin with an assessment.

*Students enrolled in our First Steps program are exempt as an assessment does not exist at that level.

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