As part of our ongoing efforts to develop and refine the Digital Enrollment program, we have encountered opportunities to improve our language around setting clear expectations for payments with parents.

Firstly, our Legal Counsel has reviewed the language used in our Parent Pack Enrollment Forms (both digital and paper versions) to ensure that it is compliant with current federal laws. Please see the latest version of the Enrollment Forms here for revised language. The main updates can be found in the “Agree to Automatic Debit” form that clarifies the standard cancellation policy.

Most customer complaints around payments can be prevented by setting clear expectations – parents should understand the following:

  1. That you will set up billing to occur automatically.
  2. That billing will occur on a predefined date (or dates) each month.
  3. How to cancel their membership.

While these Enrollment Forms comply with current federal laws, it is your responsibility to ensure that they also comply with your state and local laws. If you haven’t done so previously, we recommend that you have your own legal counsel and payment processor review your enrollment forms to ensure that they comply with applicable laws. Make sure to review the standard terms that are included in your Parent Pack Enrollment Forms. The enrollment forms consist of all the information and forms needed to enroll a student.

If you change any of the terms for your Center, make sure to change them in the enrollment forms (digital and/or paper) given to parents at sign-up. In addition, re-disclose your current customers via email and/or regular mail so that they are aware of any new changes to the terms/policies which they may have previously authorized.

Should you have any questions, please contact your FBC. Thank you!