On March 14th the Education Department released the Right Instruction Binder to support the training of new hires. Please see the previous Matters post here. This dynamic training document is also supported by an editable Facilitator’s Guide and a full Answer Key to guide critical instructor training conversations.

The Right Instruction Binder is also now available in Business Documents for Canada and UAE.

For a more comprehensive description of the Right Instruction Binder and next steps, please click here.

As a reminder, we also opened the submission process for the 2019 Instructor of the Year Award. We have already received some great submissions and are looking forward to more!

We request that Instructor of the Year submissions are simple and clear and highlight quality instructional interactions. As an example, please view the below video of the 2018 winner Jasmyn from Mathnasium of Wilmington:


For a complete outline of the submission process, please see the previous Matters post here. The deadline for submissions is Friday May 3rd, 2019.

Stay tuned to Matters in the coming weeks for future Education Department updates related to HMM Advanced 2, International releases of Right Instruction Binder for New Hire, and new developments to the Right Instruction Binder for Initial Instructor Certification!