Many owners have found it useful to listen to calls answered by their staff / Center Directors via WhatConverts, as it can help improve lead conversion and show which digital channels are generating phone leads. Up to this point, WhatConverts has been tracking phone calls by leads that click on paid ads to access a center’s microsite. To provide even more tracking and monitoring volume, WhatConverts will now also track visitors who arrive at any microsite when typing Organic search traffic to microsites (in other words, clicking on a non-paid search engine result) will continue to be excluded from tracking and monitoring for now.

A couple questions you may have about this:

Does this affect SEO?

No, this change does not adversely affect SEO.

Why was WhatConverts implemented?

  1. WhatConverts allows national advertising response to be tracked for both web leads and calls, enabling better optimization and more effectiveness of campaigns.
  2. Call recordings are a powerful tool for any center to improve lead conversion through monitoring and coaching. See here for more information.

Why is the number changing when I’ve just clicked an organic search listing?

If you’ve previously visited a microsite through a tracked channel like a Facebook ad, the system will attribute subsequent visits to that ad. This is to give credit for a site engagement to the source that originally brought the user there. This is called “first click attribution”.

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