The purpose of this summary is to provide transparency into the general topics of discussion. Conclusions/decisions are not generally made during the meeting and therefore, discussions referenced here will not have conclusions nor imply such. The meeting was held in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, April 2.

Members in Attendance: Beatrice Chan, Barry Fausnaugh, Dan Gehlbach, Marc Goldberg, Mo Khalil, Karen Lossing, Dr. Sylvia McLellan, Barry Weiss.

Staff in Attendance: Shant Assarian, Jennifer Nicholls, Brett Lippel, Julian Hollingshead, Jason Condello, Janet Riley, Elizabeth Lyons.

This meeting was held to give an update from both the Marketing and IT Departments on current projects at hand, as well as Mathnasium@Home.

Marketing Department updates:

  • Brand refresh, including updates to collateral materials and wall art.
  • Websites – Significant work underway to improve tracking, SEO and user experience.
  • Updates on several marketing tests underway for potential rollout.

IT Department updates:

  • Digital enrollment – Positive feedback from test group and continued enhancements to come.
  • Billing integration – updates given on current progress, including search for best vendor.
  • Mathnasium@Home – will be moving into small markets this month. You can read more in the previous Matters post here.