Why be good when you could be great?!

Mathnasium has partnered with Northeastern University to offer a customized and exclusive online course for Mathnasium staff and Instructors designed and delivered by Northeastern University on child/adolescent development and behavior as it applies to 1:1 teaching and learning.

Several franchisees and Mathnasium staff will pilot the course. In the future, the 3-credit course will be offered over an entire year, so as not to overburden students. There’s room for additional students, but you need to sign up by Tuesday, April 30.

University Credit

Each module lasts approximately 5 weeks, cumulatively representing a 3-credit hour course

The course credit is transferable to other universities.

Registration and Payment

Northeastern University has set up a specific link (https://commerce.cashnet.com/SFMATHNASIUM) for Mathnasium members to register and pay for each module of the course. The total fee for each module is $530.00.

Module Dates

  • Module 1 (May 6): EDU 1007/CRN 20360 Child and Adolescent Development and Variation
  • Module 2 (June 6): EDU 1008/CRN 20632 Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Module 3(July 11): EDU 1009/CRN 20363 Evidence Based Practices

For more information, CLICK HERE to download  a flyer about the course. Please feel free to email any additional questions to support@mathnasium.com.