We are excited about this year’s Convention not only because it is our first one in Canada, but also because Toronto is such an exceptional city! Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of nearly 4 million people and is considered to be one of the most vibrant, creative, and diverse cities in the world.

For anyone who loves to explore, Toronto will offer you a wide variety of places to see, from beautiful parks and an expansive waterfront, to museums and world-renowned restaurants. We have provided several links below to help you identify which sites you’d like to visit, neighborhoods you’d want to discover, and restaurants where you’d get your cravings satisfied:




For those who love the arts, you are travelling to the right city! Toronto has a theatre scene rivaled only by London and New York. The city is a year-round host to international festivals of film, culture, and music, including the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Learn more about some of the artistic venues and events that will be happening in Toronto in July 2019:

For those who love to take memorable photos and find the best of the best, we also recommend checking out the following sites:

As you can see, Toronto has plenty to offer. We encourage you to delve into the music scene, meet the locals, discover the incredible restaurants, and take part in any of the festivals or major sports events in Canada’s Downtown. Or if you prefer to hunt for fashion finds, unexpected architecture, and neighborhood discovery, Toronto has all of this and more to offer!

Before you can enjoy the wonders of Toronto, please remember to complete the following important tasks:

  • Submit for Instructor of the Year Award: The deadline to submit is next week on Friday, May 3rd. You can find instructions on how to submit for the award by clicking here.
  • Register for Convention: The deadline to register for Convention is Thursday, June 6th! To learn more about how to register, please click here to be directed to the initial post on Matters.
  • Get Your Passports: Make sure to get your passport in time! For more guidelines on how to apply or renew, click here to read the Matters post about this.
  • Book Your Hotel: The IndyCar race will be in Toronto from July 12-14 along with many other events, so we recommend that you book a hotel room very soon!

If you have any questions, please contact support@mathnasium.com.