Instructor Training in Tulsa, OK has been postponed to June 29. The registration deadline has also moved to Thursday, June 27. We hope you are all still able to join us! However, if you can no longer attend, kindly withdraw from the session to ensure others have a chance to register as well. Our next Instructor Training will take place in August- please refer to our Training Calendar for more information.

Feel free to email training@mathnasium with any questions or concerns.

-Training Department


Tulsa, Oklahoma, Larry is coming for a visit! Our next Instructor Training will take place on Saturday, June 29 in Tulsa! Join Larry and the Training Team for an exciting day filled with learning! 

Purpose of Instructor Training:

Our single-day Instructor Training is designed to educate, inspire and motivate our Instructors. They will have an exciting opportunity to take their teaching skills to the next level—under the guidance of the master himself, Larry!

NOTE: Franchisees and Center Directors, much of the material we are presenting on will cover topics already addressed at Initial and Center Director Training; however, if you would like to accompany your Instructors and join in, feel free to do so! Also, for Instructors attending, please be sure to attend the entire session (online or in-person) to receive certification.


Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center

6808 S. 107th East Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74133


Saturday, June 29

3:00pm – 7:00pm CT

(10am – 2pm HT, 1pm – 5pm PT, 2pm – 6pm MT, 4pm – 8pm ET)

How To Register:

To register for the In-Person Instructor Training in Tulsa, OK, please follow this link to MU (you may be prompted to login) and click “Request”.

To register for the Online Instructor Training, please follow this link to MU (you may be prompted to login) and click “Request.”

You may also register by going to the MU Event Calendar on the MU homepage (bottom right-hand corner). Go to the desired training date and click on either the Online Instructor Training or (In-Person) Instructor Training links. Once you are in the Event, click “Request” to register.

The registration deadline will be Thursday, June 27.

Once Registered:

To confirm that you’re registered for one of the sessions, check your transcript and assure that your desired session is listed. Prior to the event, the Training Department will be sending out emails to confirmed attendees pertaining to the following topics:

  • Remote attendees’ login information & tech specs
  • Required reading and assignments – All attendees must read Larry’s documents prior to attending.

Please feel free to email the Training Team at if you have any questions.

The Training Department reserves the right to change the calendar at their discretion. Any schedule changes will be announced prior to the scheduled date.