Dear Franchisees,

Since their recent dashboard update, some Hootsuite clients (including us) have been experiencing trouble with unreliable post scheduling to Facebook pages. We’ve determined that this issue is impacting about 20% of our centers’ Facebook pages who connect with us to receive national posts.

If you have signed up for Hootsuite, connected your Facebook pages, and have not been seeing around three national posts per week recently on your Facebook pages then you may be impacted by this issue. For those who are affected, we have begun making each post available in the Content Library so that you may publish them yourselves during this time. You can access the Content Library when you log in to Hootsuite using the instructions below:

  1. Select “Publisher” from the left-hand side of the dashboard, then select “Content” from the header at the top.
  2. Choose “Content Library” from the Content Sources box in the lower left-hand side of the sidebar.
  3. Once in the Content Library, you will see a dropdown arrow in the top left corner that reads “Current Content”, select “Past National Posts” from the dropdown arrow.
  4. From here you may choose the post you wish to publish to your account, click on the menu (indicated by three vertical dots in the top right corner of each post) and choose “Compose“.
  5. Select your social network, make any customizations you’d like, then choose “Post Now” or “Schedule for Later” in the lower right-hand corner.

We understand how frustrating this is and appreciate your patience. We will let you know when Hootsuite has resolved the issue.

-The Marketing Department