Online Experienced Center Director (ECD) Training Right Instruction Starts on Tuesday, July 23


All attendees are required to have worked at a Mathnasium Center for at least six months prior to attending Experienced Center Director Training.

Be sure to register for all 7 online sessions on Mathnasium University to reserve your spot.

Purpose of ECD Training:

Experienced Center Director Training is mandatory for any existing employee that has been promoted to a Center Director position. A promoted employee, regardless of the title held, who assumes the responsibility of any of the following items is considered a “Center Director” for training purposes and must follow the hiring and training guidelines required of a Center Director, including Center Director Training, along with its prerequisites, and complete the required Readiness Training:

  • Enrolling students (selling the program to parents)
  • Supervising, managing or training staff
  • Involvement in Center marketing decisions

Prior to ECD Training, you must also complete the following assignments:

  • Stage 1 & Stage 3 online training of “Center Director Curriculum” (must be assigned by your Manager)
  • Number Sense Document
  • Algebra Readiness
  • High School Fundamentals Skills
  • WOB Reflections
  • Education Training Manual Summary

Please note if these assignments are not completed, you will not be eligible to continue in the ECD Cycle. If you do not have Center Director Curriculum on your transcript, please check with your manager before registering.

 Schedule for ECD Training:

This program features seven online sessions spread out over seven weeks. Be sure to register for each individual session on MU.

  • July 23 (Tuesday)Session 1: Right Instruction — Online Instruction from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm PT.
  • July 30, August 6, August 13, August 20, August 27 (5 Tuesdays): Online Instruction broadcast from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm PT. Each session will cover a different microsystem.
  • September 3 (Tuesday)Certification Day — Online from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm PT. Attendees will practice and perfect Instructor interviews, MATH model, coaching role plays, parent discussions, and care call role plays.

Trainees must attend all seven sessions in order to receive certification. Any missed session must be made up during the next cycle (including Certification Day) before becoming certified.

How to Register:

To register for all seven sessions, please go to the Events Calendar in Mathnasium University that is located on the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage. Clicking anywhere on the calendar widget will open the calendar. Please complete the following steps once in the Calendar:

  1. Click on the desired session name. Please note that trainees must register for each of the seven sessions individually (7 Tuesday sessions).
  2. Then, click “Request”.

The registration deadline will be Friday, July 19.

Please feel free to email the Training Team at if you have any questions!

The Training Department reserves the right to change the calendar at their discretion. Any schedule changes will be announced prior to the scheduled date.